AMIT screen printing rotating tables frames dryers squeegees


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AMIT screen printing rotating tables frames dryers squeegees

AMIT has been present in the market since 1994 as a professional work-shop that produces screen-printing devices and equipment. Over the years our company has gained trust and recognition among customers in Poland and abroad. Currently, we are focused on gaining the necessary certificates to improve the standards as well as the quality of our machines. We are proud to be as the only company in Poland in possession of its own reinforced trapezoidal layer for large aluminum frame production. Recently we have expanded the range of our goods with the following accessories: squeegee gum, frame gum, gaskets, transfer paper, transfer powder, spatulas for scraping paint from the screen, squeegee sharpening on professional machines.

The offer includes:
• rotating tables for screen printing
• manual tables with a squeegee slide
• frames
• Flash dryer for rotating tables and machines
• shelf dryers
• screen dryers
• aluminum frame (screen stretching)
• aluminum squeegees
• washers

AMIT screen printing rotating tables frames dryers squeegees
Turntable type manual printer AMIT6x6 designed for multicolor printing, equipped with rotating arms. The aluminum handles ensure easy and precise screen fitting. The pallets are made of aluminum, adjustable, replaceable e.g. for sleeve printing, umbrella printing etc.

AMIT screen printing rotating tables frames dryers squeegees
The frame used for screen irradiation is one of the basic devices in a screen-printing work-shop. It ensures correct screen irradiation and speeds up the process of preparing the screens for printing. It is equipped with a vacuum pump, and a special rubber coat, which at the time of drawing the air through the pump perfectly fits the irradiated material and with an adequate strength tightens it to the “float” crystal glass. It is also equipped with valves that make the frame decompression easier. The frame can be arranged to the light source either vertically or horizontally.

AMIT screen printing rotating tables frames dryers squeegees
A FLASH dryer is used for drying the paint on the fabric in multi-colored printing. The device operates in FLASH system - it turns on only when a pallet with the printed material is under the heating panel. The drying effect is amplified by two heating fans mounted in the heating plate. Thanks to such solutions the dryer works at its maximum efficiency and also saves energy. Adjustable height allows the device to be used in most of the machines used in fabric printing.

AMIT screen printing rotating tables frames dryers squeegees
Aluminum frames
We make standard and unusual frames and regenerate used frames. Frames are sandblasted and profiled. In our offer we have a new trapezoidal layer for large frames. Frames made with this profile are very light, stable and do not bend under a heavy pressure on the screen - they are offered at competitive prices. Dimensions of our aluminum frames:
2mm: 20x20, 30x30, 40x40
3mm: 20x20, 30x30, 40x40


We also offer tightening the screens to our own as well as the customers' frames. To tighten the nets we use professional pneumatic jaw tighteners. We use the Ssati and Sefar screens.